Learning Chinese by Watching Chinese Series

Learning Chinese by Watching Chinese Series

Watching series in the native language with guidance from an instructor or subtitles is a great way to learn a new language. By combining various useful terms and phrases while providing a vibrant context created by the visual nature of the video content, watching series is among the quickest ways to learn a language.

Non-native Chinese speakers who have learned Chinese admit that learning Chinese is like running a marathon-a long-drawn process. Though they have resorted to multiple ways, like making friends with native Chinese speakers and trying to converse in Chinese, almost all of them admit that watching Chinese series is the most effective way of learning the language as it helps learn the various accents and speaking habits of different groups of people. Any student learning a new language progresses on three levels: Elementary, Intermediate, and Advanced.

Chinese series for Elementary learners

Since most series are for experienced and native speakers, there is, unfortunately, a shortage of series to watch and learn the language from. Moreover, students in the elementary level of learning a language can best understand the structure of the sentence and the simple words used in them. Therefore, the kids series are the best place to start from. However, some of the “kids” series contains advanced expressions and vocabulary that may be difficult to learn for elementary-level students.

A few series recommended for elementary and lower-intermediate-level Chinese students are Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf and The Big Head Son and Little Head Father. The shows contain Chinese phrases and words used while greeting and numerous grammatical structures often used to make exclamatory and imperative sentences. The series should be watched under the guidance of a teacher after new expressions are introduced in class due to the unavailability of subtitles.

Chinese series for Intermediate learners of Chinese

When a student is in the intermediate stage of learning, he or she must understand Chinese traditions and culture. This can be learned best by observing the cultural elements from the daily life of people in China. Home with Kids helps learners learn the language and understand Chinese culture better. The series provides insight into the workings of the ordinary life of a Chinese family. Watching this series can give the viewer bragging rights of becoming a local. Certain slangs used by the youth are present in the series, which helps improve the learning experience. As Beijing is the location of the series, it helps the learner learn terms specific to Beijing. Another series that can be useful for intermediate-level learners of Chinese is iPartment. Since students would have acquired a good knowledge of Chinese vocabulary and grammar, they can watch the series on their own or with the help of an instructor.

Chinese series for Advanced Learners of Chinese

Advanced language learners might be curious to test their level of expertise in understanding series and shows related to social issues. Watching such a high-end series requires a good command of advanced Chinese vocabulary and grammar. A highly recommended series for advanced Chinese learners is Informal Talks, where non-native Chinese speakers converse in Chinese about various global issues from their perspective.

Given the advantages and the success rate of learners watching Chinese series, watching Chinese series is a guaranteed way to success in learning Chinese; for any student of the Chinese language, to Chinese series Netflix is like a joyful experience of learning Chinese.


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